Cia Lyule

"~Would you like this dance?~"

The Keeper-Seeker Miqo'te Dancer from Thavnair


"Even away from home... Totentanz follows..."

  • Age:20

  • Race: Miqo'te Sun/Moon Hybrid

  • Gender: Female

  • Place Of Birth: Near Radz-at-han, Thavnair

  • Occupation: Relic Hunter, Adventure, Performer

  • FF11 style Jobs: Dancer(75), Arcanist(28), Rune Fencer(56), Alchemist(32).

  • Weapons: Dual Chakrams, Dual Daggers.

The 'Duskcat' with the alluring crooked fangy smile, blue piercing eyes with a hint of Keeper's dilation. Her short stature doesn't stop her from taking on big things. The Hannish sun laid its kisses on her skin, along with her bright clothing makes her stand out in the crowd.

Roleplay Hooks


  • Hannish: Cia was raised in the City of Radz-at-han. Hint of the near eastern accent, or her lovely scent of Hannish bathing oils easily gives it away to those that also divulge in such things.

  • Halfbreed: Born to a Keeper mother, and a Seeker Father. Cia is labeled as a 'Duskcat' by some of her friends. A burden of her past that she learned to accept.

  • Fledgling Sparrow: One of the newer members of the Lucky Sparrow Troupe. Cia makes her way across various venues across the realm toting a custom made Aetherolectric Guitar, and a loyal fanbase.

  • Maiden of the Battlefield: Trained in the fabled War Dancing Arts of the Hannish Dancers. Cia displays a grace unlike no other.

  • Taste of home: Assisting the Performing Management of the Bandee Pakshee, a Thavnairian themed pillow house.

Common rumors

  • She isn't shy, she often says what is on her mind with out thinking it through.

  • She seems to be quite close to those around her, specially with other women.

  • She's often bullying her friends, teasing them to make them blush

Uncommon Rumors

  • Cia hides her scars with using an Alchemical Compound she learned to make while learning the trade. Leaving her skin almost flawless.

  • She seems to have a gift to feel other's emotions, whether or not if she can control it is unknown.

  • She learned how to read in Eorzean from the various Romance Novels one would find the bargain bin.

  • Along with the Kriegstanz, Cia uses runes written on her body to align herself to Elemental Aether.

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The Matron's blood

Born to Sami Lyule, Cia is the granddaughter of the Matron Nina Lyule. The elder keeper kept a conservatives view of Clan Traditions, making sure the Clan's blood was kept pure to those that were blessed by Menphia's love. With having the blood of the Seeker, and one of an unknown male. Cia's life was ridden with burdens, being of the Matron's blood made her life even harder. She was viewed as worthless to the rest of the Clan, very view trained her at all.

The Test

When the kits are old enough to hold a bow. They are tested to find their place in the clan, from huntresses to care givers. Each member had their role to do. Males were often sent to the group of men to begin their life.

Cia's test never came, she'd have failed it for being simply born different. Others viewed her as a bad omen, while others simply ignored her.

Hannish Wonders

With the changing times, the Zhabi Clan opted to trade with the nearby City of Radz-at-han, selling their furs, food, and potions to those willing to buy. Cia's Aunt loved to go to the City and often brought Cia along to garner extra attention at selling her stuff. Cia would dance to past the time, and help attract people. The sooner the stuff sold the quicker she got to go home.

The Aunt's food wares caught the attention of those with in the Imperial Embassy. Inviting her and Cia inside during lavish parties to help service the guest. The Miqo'kit was often the center of attention, specially when she did her little dances. Unwanted eyes often set onto her.

The Woman

It wasn't long before a daring Hyur Woman made her way into the clan grounds, enamored over the little Miqo'kit. The woman's tongue was made of silver, her words enchanted the Matron into agreeing to sell the Kit to her. The rumors of the Keeper clan just outside of the city selling kits started to spread.

Before the Hyur could comeback to claim her new prize. Another Hyur made her way into the audience chambers of the Matron. How ever, her words spewed out fire. Angerly pleads of not selling the Kit to the other woman burnt away the deceit of who she was. A slaver.

The Matron didn't care to hear what the woman had to say, only directing her to leave, a deal is a deal. Deciding that forcing the old Miqo'te's hand into not selling, she pulled out dual Chakrams. Amused by this display of defiance, The Matron sent her personal guard, the Masked Ones, to deal with threat.

Maiden of the Battlefield

The eyes of the Kit wasn't far off, peaking through the window of the chambers, she saw the stunning display of the woman's art, The Kriegstanz. Non-lethal blows was dealt to each of the guard, in a blur, one fell right after the other. Filled with raged and fear. The Matron had no choice to agree with the Maiden of the Battlefield. She how ever made one request, to buy the contract herself.

The hyur introduced herself simply as Fasime. She offered Cia training in the Art of War Dancing. She made sure to keep the young Kit with her Mother as much as possible. Was it Kindness, or to pour salt in the Matron's wounded ego.

List of Contacts

Blood Related

Matron Nina Lyule

"She's my grandmother, the current Matron of the Zhabi clan. She's a bit ruthless at what she does, stuck in the old ways"

Sami Lyule

"She's my mother. A wonderful Alchemist, she taught me everything I know about Alchemy."




Soella Kitoun

"Ah... where to begin with her. Soe and I met due to Savo. She dragged Soe into one of her shows, and tried to get people to meet her. Most people ignored the skittish Miqo'te, not I."

Lazne Urit

"Sain's sister, or... well guess my sister too now. She's an alchemist like my mother, also a mother herself. I never really had a sister growing up, so it's like making up for lost time with her. I do find it enjoyable to watch her blush over her 'sweeties'."

Alys aka 'Jimbo'

"Would you believe me this cute little Miqo'te woman turns into a middle age Duskwight man? Who is a complete Himbo? Of course not, that would be silly. Alys is special, close to my heart."




Sain Ironheart

"Not sure if I can find the right words that will do her justice. She's my everything... with out her, I wouldn't even be standing here right now. I owe this woman more than a lifetime of companionship."

O'looqa Honji

"Someone from left field of my life. I met her during the Blitzball season. Our similarities in making fun bets, and competition brought us close. She's also a jocky too, Her and Daring are the greatest duo I ever met."

Fehri Shoya

"She's a Performer like me. We seen each other several times before, but never really talked til recently. She demanded a date from me, and it went from there. Like her bake goods, she is sweet."

Shiza Ashina

"One of Fehri's wives. She's a... ah, a bit blunt about things. Things could be a bit rough with her, but she does care what I feel and think."